About Desipreneur

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Hello All!

This is my another blogging venture after running two other blogs. There are few reasons to setup a separate blog. One of the main reason is that I often wish to share my ideas which often come across in my mind which I personally feel could be beneficial for others. At times I wish and sometimes plan to implement few of them or even one of them but always get failed due to my other commitments. I had a fear that if I share my ideas then others will make money and I will have nothing in hands. Later I changed my thinking that I had to come out from the shell of selfishness because I just can't do everything I think. Plus there could be people who might be able to execute my ideas(s) in much better way due to their approach and resources. Hence, I decided that I would be sharing the things come in my mind.

The other reason is entrepreneurship. I am basically a software engineer; web developer to be precised. In the past couple of years I discovered that I could use my other traits beside programming in more efficient way than the skills I learnt in my professional career. Recently I found out that my MBTI type is INFP who are actually Dreamers. Thus I figured out why most of the time I try to find out newer things in the existing stuff or seek to create something new. Since I am an INFP hence not a good executor and several times I left things in the middle just because I got bored of them. This blog will help me to jot down all those stuff which I dream so that some one else int he world can turned them into reality. I don't have fear that someone will steal my idea. After all I believe that the idea would be helping humanity one way or other.

Since I have experience of writing technical,political/religion/social related blogs, my past experience would help me to discuss issues faced by developed countries like Pakistan where I live. I will be discussing how the technology could be helpful to solve the problems often faced by Pakistanis. Pakistani market is quite huge and the canvas is empty. Anyone can getup and start painting a picture which would be solving problems faced by Pakistanis or anyone else in the world. If you need my services, don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you would like to know my this side as well which I never shared with outerworld.

Stay tuned!