Using Easy Paisa for businesses

11:36 PM by Adnan A.Siddiqi · 0 comments

Before I discuss about Telenor's mobile Payment initiative , easyPaisa (EP) in Pakistan, allow me to share the demo video how this thing works.

As the name suggests, Easy Paisa or 'Easy Money' in English makes payment channel much faster and smoother by sending money via Mobile. The method you saw above is quite successful yet in Pakistan. Even several of my friends are using for different purposes. For instance, "BC" money payment to other city.

So far EP has been able to get attention of individuals. It's kind of Pakistani version of mobile "PayPal" but unfortunately it has not gained much attraction by the SMEs and home businesses. Pakistan is one of those countries where mobile penetration is quite high. By introducing SMS based payment system, Telenor has really became pioneer of mobile payment system in Pakistan. EP provides two channels of money transfer; via EP outlet or EasyPaisa Shop who could be any shop or business in Pakistan and Tameer Micro finance bank. Telenor also claims to provide EP based corporate solutions but there's no such stats available how many businesses are actually using it.

We are living in the era where becoming successful means being more open. Unfortunately Telenor/EP has not opened the doors for outer world to take advantage of this service for local businesses. When I recently tried to find out further about this utility, I first looked the ways to access their system "legally" via APIs. So I goggled but no luck. I contacted Telenor but I just got a formal answer from Marketing Department that they would get back to me once they have a "feasible" answer. What I believe that Telenor is missing a huge market by not opening its APIs for developers. This could really initiate m-commerce in Pakistan or even web-commerce. One of the reason true e-commerce did not become successful in Pakistan was due to absence of some decent payment gateway or online revenue system. In 2000/2001,Hilinks, the first Pakistani portal did launch a system of online payments by introducing payment tokens but due to poor management it could not give a penny in return. After that there was no significant player in that field.

Imagine if Telenor opens it's system for application developers to access their system not only via Mobiles but via web as well. It would definitely give small/medium industry to promote their products. If a business is already using EP for payment system, consumers can order stuff online via Mobile or Web. Possibilities are endless and I have just discussed in brief how this system can bring revolution in local market. I can just wish that they make sense and try to expose their service further.